A new compact accelerator for cultural heritage

LHC experiments highlight 2017 results

CMS releases more than one petabyte of open data

Forty years since the first PET image at CERN

CERN in 2017: a year in images

CERN wishes you Happy New Year 2018

Lithuania becomes Associate Member State of CERN

Thursday, February 22, 2018

CERN and INFN are developing a new transportable accelerator, which will be used to

The LHC experiments presented highlights from their 2017 results on 15 December, during a

A collision event recorded by CMS in 2012 showing a “Higgs candidate”, available on

On a peaceful afternoon in early summer 1977, the laboratory of CERN radiobiologist Marilena Bianchi was visited by a physicist with a pretty unusual request. He asked for her help in

  (Video: Noemi Caraban/CERN) This year has been rich with new facilities for research and applications, physics results that enrich human knowledge and international collaborations that bring together more

CERN Director General (left), Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania and

(Video: Daniel Dominguez/CERN) CERN wishes you Happy New Year 2018. In 2017, CERN pushed the limits of knowledge with many new developments. Its flagship machine, the Large Hadron Collider

The CMS experiment is looking for exotic long-lived particles that could get trapped in

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