Mid-level Developer

Nairobi, Kenya

Short summary of the job: The job involves programing and verifying your code, to develop new features in the company's application as well as for customer projects. You will have a system architecture that you have to follow and you will choose tasks during the weekly sprint meetings that have to be executed in the specified time. You'll have the possibility to grow, learn and express your opinion in all the internal meetings and the naturally shape the product/project.


Complete assigned tasks ranging from new features, enhancements, bug resolution, and unit testing

Program in a team environment. Assist other team members with completion of tasks and provide good documentation of work assigned

Participate in the full development life-cycle including requirements gathering, estimation, development, QA testing, and deployment

Maintain good test coverage of systems. Write test cases for new features

Write code that complies with company's quality standards and respect procedures regarding SCM commits, code documentation and code readability


Assist the team with sprint planing and sizing of tasks

Minimize risks and propose effective solutions to overcome issues

Assist with incorporating and implementing client requirements in projects

Work on multiple projects and tasks simultaneously

Coding and training AI and working with BigData

Must Have

At least 3 years experience with Python/Django, PHP/Larave/Symfony or equivalent technologies and frameworks

Strong experience with MVC based applications

At least 3 years with database experience in MySQL, PostgreSQL, and/or MSSQL

At least 2 years experience working in Agile software development teams

Excellent verbal and written communications skills

Ability to work remote with an international team (English speakers)

Knowledge of linux based environments for example but not limited to Ubuntu, Red Hat and adjacent tools like Redis, Nginx, litespeed

What's great in the job?

  • Diverse application base: Document management, Marketing automation, CRM, Inventory, HR, Project Mgt, etc.
  • Working with team members from Europe and Asia
  • Diverse enterprise level projects: large corporate, government entities and even SMEs
  • Fruitful environment for learning new skills and self-development with dedicated time for learning and courses
  • ¬†Short hierarchical chain, basically we are all team members and asking or suggesting is not just allowed, it's encouraged
  • Substantial performance and loyalty benefits
Job Complexity:
Personal Evolution:
Variability of the Job:
Job Security:
Overachieving Possibilities:
Team / Company Size:

5 / 15 people

Avg Deal Size:

$8-10k (skill based)

Company Distribution:

India, Africa, Middle East, US

Company Maturity:


Probationary period

1 to 3 months with normal contract and benefits followed by an appraisal

Need More Info?


Flexible work-time, Healthcare, travel allowance, premium travel stay


Vacation, Sick, and paid leaves


We'll offer monthly allowances to cover your remote working cost; these include mobile and/or internet expenses

Work from anywhere

Laptop + phone and you can work. As long as the job is done we are happy wherever you work from.