Hi, I'm Cristian

Tech enthusiast, innovator and in general a nerd

Without past there is no progress

Historical Accomplishments


Known languages

Being from a mixed origin family, it was only natural to learn multiple languages: Romanian - National/official language; Hungarian - "Mother tongue"; German - "Father tongue"; English - learned independently in mid-school, extensively from high-school on; French - mid-school and bi-lingual high-school (incl. 2 specialist diplomas)



Sistem telemetric de telemedicina (Telemetry telemedicine system) - A real-time, portable multi-device telemedicine platform    View


EU Grant

EU Funded grant for R&D POS-CCE-A2-O2.3.1, through Romania Ministry of Research - highest evaluation score in the round and top 3 throughout         Approved        Score


Patent for telemedicine
The patent refers to a telemetry telemedicine system designed for the healthcare providers to asses patients quicker and more accurately
Telemedicine System telemetry
Prototype with wireless and wired devices
EcoTour Program website
EcoTour Mures River is a ecological program developed between Hungary and Romania where I participated as tech consultant